Big Questions: Find Your Voice
Airing on WNIT PBS
What is Big Questions?
It's a show about how people are changing the world, one idea at time. Each episode takes you inside issues that aren't ordinarily covered by the media. We want to bring you touching stories of people in need, and challenge you to get involved in creating a different future for the world. This is not reality television. It’s a television show about reality.
Part documentary, part talk show.
On Big Questions we're on the ground, filming change as it happens and discussing the ideas behind the change with experts and people who are making a difference. It is not enough to see change, we want to understand change.
Make a difference. Get Involved.
Adopt a Project
People in your community and around the world are currently doing good in a variety of ways. Learn more about their work, and how you can get involved today.
Make a Donation
Big Questions is made by a small team of passionate people, who have given everything they have to make it possible. We need your help to bring the show to life.