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Empowering Kenya

This episode examines two companies working hard bring Kenya's HIV rates down: The Global Alliance for Africa and The Female Health Company.


Explore New Ideas

Big Questions is an Emmy® Award Winning documentary television series that explores new ideas and projects that are changing the way the world works.

Big Issues

Our show tackles issues from around the world through the eyes of the individuals they impact. The series examines opportunities for change by following dedicated community leaders, innovative organizations and new theories being tested right now in the real world. Our series capitalizes on the power of media to reach and affect audiences and make real change.

A Clear Perspective

Our host, internationally renowned scholar, Patricia Werhane and our team set up each issue for the viewer before we tell the story on the ground. After we’ve seen what’s going on in the world today, Pat collects the facts, theories, and drama to put everything into clear perspective.

To make real change we have to tackle real problems. With such a complex and interconnected world, what problems should we pay attention to?

The Bottom 50%

Often times the people affected by these issues are in the bottom 50% of our global community. Many of these problems are systemic and require massive political and cultural changes to solve. We have to understand in order to find solutions. That's why it's vital to see the real people behind the issues.


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Empowering Kenya

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